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viewing - 1902 Terlingua District, Texas - Terlingua Special map


Large detailed 200+ KB file of Terlingua Map 1902

This is the original survey map of 1902 of the U.S.Geological Survey, (survey details on the link above.)  Terlingua  is shown at the base of California Mt. (now called California Hill), which was the village of the Mariposa Mine.   Titles of Mountains or Buttes are shown in similar type, and mines are listed as mines.   Here, just of interest, Study Butte is shown as a Butte, not a mine.  Compare the type to Bee, Willow, Leon,etc.    At the time of this printing, the mine at Study Butte,the Big Bend and Texas Almaden Mine, was just gearing up to produce quicksilver, and began production the following year, 1903 (see handbook of Texas on Line http://www.tsha.utexas.edu/handbook/online/articles/view/MM/dkm2.html.    William Study, however,  was the Post Master at the Mariposa Mine (Terlingua,Tx P.O.)  during the time this map was being published.  In 1904, the P.O. at the Big Bend and Texas  Almaden Mine was called Bigbend, Texas, and thePost Office called Study Butte, Tx  did not begin till 1917.