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Architecture can say a lot about a community.  If you need a building, but do not want to add another  skid building or trailer house in the natural world of Big Bend,  here are a few alternative building ideas.   

Terlingua Springs Market
Stuccoed concrete block and wood structure

Pat Walker redesigned a building made of concrete block into a beautiful southwest design, and stuccoed the exterior with an attractive desert color.   Currently she is adding a partition to the east side using conventional wood structure, plastering and painting it to match the main building,  creating a very attractive southwest style commercial building that not only offers interesting architecture to our community,  it is inviting to visit.   Her health food store and coffe house, the Terlingua Springs Market is on 170.

Eve's Garden by Kate D. Thayer & Clyde T. Curry
Pppercrete block contstruction, Marathon

Papercrete makes an attractive building material because of its lightness in weight,  therefore making the building progress quicker.   Once stuccoed,  it has the appearance of an adobe building, and is excellent for the extreme desert temperatures.

Click here for Eve's Garden, more photos and info.


Marbert Moore building
Marbert Moore's "PERFORM WALL" at Terlingua

Marbert Moore has built this one room cabin with Perform Wall,  which is recycled plastic combined with cement, a porous light weight, quick building block.

Email Marbert Moore, click on name.


Patricia Kerns Vaulted Ceiling
Adobe block

Contrabando Movie Set , Big Bend Ranch State Park
Adobe block Building


Thomas Greenwood Architect

Thomas Greenwood designed this small one room corrugated siding building which is nongalvanized to allow the metal to rust to a rich earth tone over time.    It is the Alpine Library's "Re-Reads Bookstore, located in Alpine.

Email Thomas Greenwood


Strawbale home and courtyard wall
on hwy 170, Terlingua

This home on Farm Rd 170 in Terlingua is a beautiful example of straw bale construction for both the house and the courtyard wall.


Stabilized adobe block
Adboe in progress at Terlingua gallery